KEVIN RED STAR, the book
RECENT AWARDS for the book
Winner, Multi-Cultural: Non-Fiction 2015 USA Best Book Award
National Federation of Press Women, 2015 Communications Contest,
First Place, Nonfiction books for adult readers-- Biography
Judge's comments:  "Everything about this book, from the quality of the writing, the superb illustrations and reproductions of Red Star's paintings, to the feel of the paper, the layout and graphic design of the volume, is superior. Holding it is a pleasure, reading it is a joy. Gibson and Leaken write clearly and beautifully and, although overshadowed by Red Star's magnificent paintings, the text shows thoughtfulness, love and respect for the artist. Kevin Red Star's art work is bold, powerful, colorful, and extraordinary. A carefully-trained artist with a passion for the stories of his people, Red Star is an American artist whose legacy will live on for many generations. The only thing I would add is an index to the text. I was trying to find a second reference to Coyote Red Star, but without an index, it was hard.  'Kevin Red Star' should be on every book shelf and coffee table, and his work should be in every art museum across the land. This book is a keeper."
2014 INDIEFAB Book of the Year Award Finalist, Art (Adult Nonfiction)
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